'Heather' (Joyce Mary Vivian)

British author. 'Heather' was a pseudonym for Joyce Mary Vivian. She wrote the book as a teenager to reflect her love of horses. Sadly she died aged only 18 in a tragic accident before the book was published and so it is her only novel.

The story is of the 'horse biography' style common to the 1930s and follows the fate of a black pony called Reka. It is similar in plot to most books of this type, although the rearing issue adds extra interest. The book is also enhanced by the lovely Lionel Edwards illustrations.

Horse & Pony Books:

In print in paperback at the moment by a print-on-demand service.
SUMMARY: Pony-point-of-view tale about the black pony named Reka. After a bad experience when he is broken, the pony becomes a rearer and is passed on through a number of homes, some good, some bad. Will he eventually find his perfect owner?

Collectors Info:
In the UK it can be found without too much trouble. It is in print at the moment via print-on-demand, although this tends to be more expensive than the older copies. The new edition is available in the USA also, although second-hand copies are much harder to find there and elsewhere outside the UK.